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Rapidly dashing out of your room once you were ready to go, you grabbed your keys before running through another small hallway.

You suddenly stopped and took a few steps back to stand in front of a tall, mahogany drawer, faded with age. Standing atop it was a photo that dated back a handful of years. Observing more closely, you could clearly see the kind and nurturing face beside a more rugged, laughing one full of mirth. You recalled that day. You were the one that took the photo.

Gently picking up the frame, you held it in both hands. A wistful smile made its way to your lips as you softly kissed the cool glass protecting the memory.

"Mom... Dad..." You sighed. "I wish you could be here today, it would mean so much if you could."

A disheartened look came about your face and you could feel your hands dig into the sides of the frames, the pads of your fingers losing more heat by the second. There was nothing to regret. They couldn't be here and as much as that hurt, you knew they would greatly disapprove of seeing their daughter disheartened on a day such as this. The thought immediately brought a grin to your face as you recalled it in fact was the you had been waiting so long for.

You uninhibitedly squealed as you raced out the door, making sure to properly close and lock it. It wasn't a bad neighborhood, but you were determined to have everything go perfectly. Or at least, that's what your friend Christa had been drilling into your brain for the past five months. If you were late even a minute, you knew she would be on your tail in no time.

As you drove off, you observed the small house you called your home shrink in size. It was cozy, but it was empty. Soon enough that would change.

"Ugh... It's way to early for this..." You tiredly yawned as you rested your head on a your palm. True enough, when you looked out the window, the sky still had a sunrise look to it. The sight was absolutely lovely, but you just couldn't appreciate the natural beauty of the world when you had to drive to Mikasa's which was twenty minutes away.

Sure enough, once you arrived, an overly hyper Christa met you at the door and practically dragged you in. You were still a little groggy, but you managed to offer her a smile. You looked around. You hadn't been in Mikasa's house too many times and the elegant interior always left you awed when you compared to your own little place.

Once the two of you entered the living room, however, your peaceful disposition quickly dissipated and was replaced with one of utter disbelief. All your bridesmaids were present: Sasha, Ymir, Mina, Annie, Hannah, and Mikasa. And they were all gowned and ready to walk down the aisles themselves!

"How is it even possible that you guys are ready?" You gaped. They all looked spotless with their matching (f/c) dresses that elegantly reached their ankles and the heels matched perfectly.

As soon as your voice was heard, they all looked up and immediately overcrowded you, Sasha being the hastiest as she vaulted onto you and enveloped you in a hug. 'How is it even possible for her to move like that in her dress??' You thought as she squeezed the daylights out of you. She wasn't one of the star track athletes in high school for nothing. Elated and sincere congratulations filled the room and you couldn't help the light blush coating your face as happy emotions whirled through you.  Their energy was contagious.

Despite the joy you found in the group, you couldn't help the exhaustion that came from waking up early. Great, the last thing you needed was to be grumpy on your wedding day, you yawned. As though reading your thoughts, Christa came to your side and handed you a white cup with the familiar Starbucks logo. The cardboard sleeve was nice and warm to the touch and you could smell the scent of your favorite drink wafting into your nose.

If there was a prize for most dedicated bridesmaid, Christa would be the one taking it home ten times over.

"Glad to see you won't be passing out on us, now." You whirled around and smiled as you went up to hug that familiar head of pale hair.

"Aunt Rico, I wasn't expecting you here!" You said. Rico was clad in her own dull, green dress with roses accenting the bodice. It looked terrific on her.

"You really expect me to just see you at your wedding? Give me some credit." She gave you one of her rare smiles. You smiled back.

"Your Aunt offered to drive us, since the limo driver's wife was apparently in labor. He did leave us the limo keys, though!" Christa interjected.

"Oh, good for them!" You spouted. It didn't perturb you in the least that he couldn't be here, you were happy for them.

Ymir came up behind you, obviously uncomfortable in her dress, and pulled you in a headlock, mercilessly ruffling your hair as she gave you a toothy grin. Oh no, that grin always came before some embarrassing remark.

"You sound excited, (First). Can't wait to be the one in the labor room yourself, eh?" She snickered. There it was.

Her comment left you sputtering and before you could attempt an awful comeback, Mina shooed Ymir from your now disarrayed hair, and the freckled girl barked out a laugh as she walked away towards Christa.

"C'mon, Ymir, you shouldn't mess up the bride's hair the day of the wedding!" Mina squealed. flattening the haphazard strands with her palms . She was going to be in charge of doing your hair and you knew how serious she was when it came to her subject.

You waved your hand. "Don't worry about it, Mina, it wasn't that neat to begin with." You said as you took another sip of your coffee.

Eventually, all the chat ended and the girls rushed you into another room where you were sat down in front of a mirror and your precious caffeine was yanked away.

"Hey!" You whined.

"No more of that, we need your mouth clean to do your make-up." Mikasa's calm voice informed you and you nodded. At least you had gotten enough to wake you up normally. Mikasa began laying the foundation on your face while Christa got everything else from her purse and you could sense Mina behind you, winding a brush through your (h/t) hair to clear it of tangles. Sasha and Hannah were preparing your clothes in the other room and out of the corner of your eyes, you saw Ymir and Annie with a camera.

"Hey, no embarrassing pictures!" You yelled.

"Too bad." Annie pressed the button. "Can't wait to send these to your husband on your honeymoon."

"Aww! You guys stink!" You stuck out your tongue. Unfortunately, Mikasa chose that time to dab makeup under your lower lip and the foundation met your tongue. You sputtered at the taste as your friends laughed, Mikasa, Annie and Ymir, smirking. "That's what you get for not being still." You groaned.

Not soon enough, your hair was done up just how you wanted it and you survived Christa's meticulous makeup techniques. She spent ten minutes on each set of eyelashes! You understood why you had to get up so early; if you woke up when you wanted to, you would've missed the ceremony by now.

After Mina and Christa were done admiring their work, you were pulled into the guest room, where your dress lay on the bed. Not even a moment was spared for you to admire it before someone began tugging at your jacket.

"Hey, I can do this part myself!" You said as you marched into the walk in closet, dress in hand. If you had to sit or stand still any longer you would explode. You could hear a mutter of "too much caffeine" out the door. As quickly as you could, you undressed and folded your regular clothes and slid up the bodice of the dress. It still had straps and zippers and such, so you opened the door to let your friends help you.

The dress fit like a glove when it was all secured and Hannah handed you your shoes, which fit like a dream. When asked how you felt, you were glad you could describe it as formal and comfortable.

You rushed to the other room that had a full mirror and you gaped when you saw yourself. The face you had known all your life looked so mature and had a glow about it. The dress made you look like a royal with the way it flowed around you and you couldn't believe that this person was you. All the faults you ever thought about yourself faded away to be forgotten for another day.

Rico, who was to your left, placed a hand on your shoulder and flashed you a smile. "I can't believe my little niece already looks like this." She gushed in a maternal tone. You smiled excitedly. "You're so old." She added, and you deflated, hitting her on the shoulder before loudly laughing with her.

"Alright. If everyone's ready are we good to go? What time is it, Sasha?" Rico asked.

"It's... Oh, no way, we should be at the chapel by now!" She exclaimed, looking at a wall clock. Your eyes widened and you clutched at the sides of your dress, ready to run if you had to.

There was absolutely no way you were leaving him waiting.

But much to your luck, Mikasa halted you and pointed the clock.

"It's always been half an hour fast, we're good." She stated and you could have fallen over in relief.

Once everyone had all their things and were ready to go, you piled into the limo in the driveway, with Rico up front.

"...Say, have you ever driven a limo before, Aunt Rico?" You questioned.

"Nope," She shrugged as she turned on the engine.

Luckily, Rico was more dependable than you thought and had gotten everybody there harm free. It was a rather pleasant ride, despite Sasha and Ymir trying to get you to drink at least three glasses of champagne before arriving. Bless Mikasa and her responsible personality.

The chapel bells came into view and you felt that churning of your stomach settle uncomfortably. With all the preparation, the actual going to the chapel seemed so distant, but here you were.

You friends sensed your anxiety, it seems, and they each expressed a form of reassurance. Christa and Mikasa took your hands and Mina and Hannah patted your back. Ymir gave you a rather soft pat on the head, much to Mina's protests while Sasha playfully forced a smile on your face with her fingers and Annie softly smiled as she sat.

"Don't worry about a thing. Too much planning's gone into this for anything to go wrong." You heard Rico say.

"This is your day, and if there's anyone who deserves it, it's you, so enjoy it!" Christa said excitedly. The other girls nodded and murmured in agreement and you blushed.

Your friends consisted of some of the most talented girls you had ever known and you never felt like much when you compared yourself to them, even though you were incredibly close to all of them. You just didn't see how you stood out is all.

But here they were, telling you how kind you were and how much they cared about you. You've never felt so surrounded by such strong camaraderie and it almost made you feel like crying.

"If you mess up the makeup we put on you, I won't be merciless with the photos Annie took." Mikasa said in her deadpan humor, making you laugh.

"Alright." You breathed as the limo came to a stop. "Time for us to get out now, huh?" Rico was already at the door and helped you out, followed by your bridesmaids.

The bells loudly rang, giving the air around it a beautiful tone that calmed your nerves somewhat, but not much.

You moved to a room within the building and the ceremony was to take place in just a few minutes, and you were anxiously waiting, a nervous wreck. Hannah was checking for any stray hairs for Mina to fix up and Christa was touching up your faint blush. Nothing was out of place and you were ready. Mikasa presented to you your bouquet, consisting of yours and your beloved's favorite blossoms.

Bouquets in hand, your bridesmaids filed out of the room, knowing you would be following soon after. Turning to Rico, she gave you a quick hug, which was rare for her, and you hiccuped, emotions flitting around like a butterfly storm.

"It really is a shame they couldn't be here." Rico said, and you nodded.

"If only the flying weather wasn't so bad..." She trailed off. "Oh well, at least you can show them the pictures when they come back from their trip, yeah?"

You nodded again. Your parents' flight was delayed and the next flight here wasn't due until a week after the wedding. It couldn't be helped, but you knew they would have loved to be here more than anything.

"Okay, enough chit-chat. Seriously, this doesn't even feel like a romantic day what with all the girl power talk." Rico's bluntness was not lost to you.

A knock on the door roused you from the conversation. It must've been your grandfather, Pixis, who was going to escort you down the aisle in your father's place. Rico waved as she opened the door, leaving to make her way to the pews.

"Is that really little (First)?" Pixis asked good naturedly.

You laughed. " Honestly, I'm not that little!" Pixis nodded at you with a nostalgic look in his eyes.

"No, I suppose you're not. Anyway, are you ready to go?"

Nodding your head, Pixis smiled. "I'll go on ahead and meet you at the aisle." He said.

"Oh! And we can't forget the veil, can we? They'll see the dress right away, but we need to save the best for last." Pixis said, lowering the veil so that it hid most of your features. He couldn't see you clearly, but he just knew you were beaming up at him with your smile.

After he left, you took a few moments to collect yourself, repeatedly thinking to yourself, 'This is it, this is it, this is it.' And you left the room to enter the dim hallway.

The doors to the ceremony room were large and somewhat intimidating, but as you looked harder at them, you thought about how he was right on the other side of the door, the man that you'd be marrying in a matter of minutes.

Two men saw you approach and grasped the handles, motioning to open them at the same time. Breathing out a small 'thank you', the large doors opened, revealing you to the people inside and revealing the groom to you. You immediately sought each other's eyes, and your heartbeat accelerated at the familiar sight of freckles at the other end of the room, soft eyes glancing in your direction.


Gasps were audible as the spectators saw you in your dress and you walked over to Pixis, who was diligently waiting at the beginning of the aisle. Looping your arm with his, organs began to play that familiar tune played for the bride, and now it was playing for you.

Soft step after soft step, you inched closer to you destination and closer to Marco, who appeared just as anxious for your arrival as you were. He took in your figure and noticed how heavenly you looked. More beautiful than any of his dreams could portray you. Alas, there was one obstacle stopping him from admiring you entirety.

If only that veil wasn't in place, hiding what he wanted to see most.

You were so close now and your mind was a flurry of wonderment on what was to come. A wedding marked the beginning of a new life. Who knows what could happen in the years to come? What was married life going to be like? Surely nothing too different, but then again, you've been wrong before.

All these whirring thoughts clouded your perception of distance and before you knew it, a soft tap on the shoulder from Pixis roused you from your reverie as he freed your arm and stepped back. Looking away from Pixis, your eyes locked with Marco's and you wondered why you even bothered to worry in the first place. He took your hand and led you to stand across from him, the contact making you blush.

As if that wasn't enough, he got down on one knee and kissed your hand in an act of chivalry as well as love.

You were smiling on the outside, but on the inside you were screaming your lungs out at his rather adorable mannerisms. Years of knowing Marco and none of that experience ever prepared you for his saintly actions. He always left you blushing happily as though it were the first day you had met.

Rising from the floor, Marco took both your hands in his, lightly brushing a thumb across your hand, and reached out to remove that troublesome veil.

Once it was removed, he quietly gasped, leaving you slightly confused. Was something wrong? Did your makeup smear? It didn't look that bad, did it?

Seeing the panic in your eyes, Marco suppressed a small chuckle as he leaned forward, whispering in your ear, "Your perfection blew me away, is all."

Your face reddened even more as the both of you faced the priest.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate the union of Marco Bodt and (First) (Last)..." After some of the of the formal dialogue, your vows were said.

Yours came first and you doubt Marco's grin could've gotten wider if he tried. As you spoke, his eyes shined and it was almost as though he were restraining the desire to grab you in his arms and never let go. But ever the gentleman, he kept his arms behind his back tightly. A few snickers in good fun could be heard from Jean and Reiner as they pointed out Marco's blushing face. He was practically glowing as you finished the speech with a sincere "I love you, Marco Bodt."

Where you had the aid of cards, Marco recited from memory and your eyes widened. He remembered it all for the wedding?

He began softly, the audience of family and friends straining to hear.

"(First), if there was some way I could make it that I always knew you, I wouldn't hesitate to welcome you to all those years I lived without you. Sadly, those years without you will always exist, but I'm making a promise to you that a time like that will never happen again. I'm speaking the truth when I say I've loved you since the day I met you, even when you thought I was just some clumsy assistant at the office who spilled coffee on your reports," He softly chuckled and you grinned at the memory. "From that day on, I knew I wanted to be with you, any way I could. Your smile, your laugh, how your eyes light up whenever you talk about your dreams, it was like a breath of fresh air that gave me new life and through all those years, you've only proved even more how perfect you are whenever we spent time together. I loved every second we were side by side and how you're the kindest girl I've ever met."

You blinked away a few potential tears. Not possible, you thought. You weren't that kind at all, if he wanted to find a kinder person, he could have just looked in the mirror.

"You're the kindest person I know because after all we've been through, you're letting me love you until the end of time, and that's all I'll ever want. To be with you, (First). I promise to you I'll do everything in my power to give you a good life and protect you any in way I can, because you're the greatest thing that's ever happened to me." He smiled, warm brown eyes gazing at you and your heart swelled at the proud smile that adorned his freckled face.

"And so, it's a great honor to give you my life, (First), I truly love you too much for words." He finished, closing his eyes with a relieved smile at the fact he did not mess up in front of you.

His head snapped up, however, when he heard a sniffle coming from you. Your head was hung and he could see your chest rising erratically. Eyes wide, he was mortified at the possibility that he had somehow messed up and made you cry. He immediately grabbed your hands and would've began apologizing if he hadn't heard a subtle chuckle.

You met his eyes and carefully wiped away the tears before they began to ruin your makeup. He was greatly relieved when he saw your smile and he smiled back.

"If there be any objection to this union, speak now or forever hold your peace." The priest said. You and Marco paid no heed, but rather spent that silent moment staring at each other. He looked incredibly dashing in his tux that fit him amazingly and in turn he looked at you like you were his own personal angel, clad in white.

"In that case," The priest spoke up, gathering your attention, although Marco's eyes flitted back to you in no time, anticipating what was next with great fervor. "I now pronounce you husband and wife." You felt like jumping up at down at the words. Did he really just say that? You couldn't believe it!

"You may now kiss the bri-"

Before he could even finish that word, Marco grasped your waist and spun you around in a dip, fervently pressing his lips to yours as you wrapped your arms around his neck with his other hand settling on the small of your back and kissed him back with equal intensity.

Whistles and cheers immediately erupted from the crowd, including the inappropriate catcalls from Reiner. You could hear Christa sobbing like there was no tomorrow, but at that moment it was like none of them were there.

The kiss lasted for thirty seconds and when it came time to breathe again, you and Marco parted. He still held you close as the two of you began walking back down the aisle together, with the sound of family and friends celebrating behind you. As the limo door opened, Marco scooped you up in his arms, pecking your lips again, causing the both of you to laugh, and entered the vehicle, leaving to the building where the reception would take place.

Later into the night, as people ate, drank, chatted and enjoyed themselves, you and Marco were enjoying your first dance as husband and wife. The song was moderately paced and soon enough everyone else joined in as lights gave the room a lively atmosphere.

Marco spun you, even though the dance didn't really call for it and he pulled you in a little too quickly, causing you to stumble into his chest.

"Oh, sorry!" He apologized, holding your hips in place, protectively, but you laughed it off and kissed his nose.

"Don't worry about it, we're married, remember?" You said. He smiled at you endearingly, brushing a hand against your cheek to which you moved closer to.

Leaning closer, he captured your lips in a sweet kiss for the upteenth time that day and you responded immediately.

"How could I forget?" He murmured against your lips.
Ahhhhhhhhh this has been in my stash for the longest time now. For some reason, motivation to finish this struck me today! ...And I ended up ignoring everything else I have to do.

But putting that aside, I've had this idea for a while now and it really is too cute to handle. The number of wedding Marco fics needs to outweigh the death Marco fics, greatly. Also, I hope it's clear that I'm a spineless baby and I couldn't handle having Reader-chan's parents dead, so instead, they're only on a trip 0v0 I just felt that I wanted this story to be fluff and having that sadness would kinda dampen it.

I don't feel like I did the idea enough justice, but I hope you all enjoyed reading it!

Please leave a comment if you liked it, I always love getting feedback!

Attack on Titan (c) Hajime Isayama

You (c) :iconmarcobodtplz:

Story (c) :iconmiichan2020:
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I bet Pixis drank all the wine at the end....
Miichan2020 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha, I always enjoy a reference to the abridged parody. Also, thank you very very much! I wasn't too confident in the speech, but it's a big relief and a pleasure to hear you liked it!

Ahh, and hearing all that, it makes me wish I added in a bit more reception party and Pixis, he would definitely have done that! Thanks for reading!Emoji03 
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